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Sunmax Flip On Clip On Reader Reading Magnifying Glasses
Power Available: +1.00 / +1.50 / + 2.00 / +2.50 / +3.00
Full Sized CLIP-ON, FLIP-UP magnifying reading reader & hobby glasses.
HIGH Quality Aspheric Lenses (see below for more details)
We use stainless steel screw, nut, and washer to secure long termly secure the lens.
After short while of usage, if the screw are loose, it is okay to tighten with nut tool.

+150, +200, +250, +300, +350, +400, +500
Attaches to your Full FRAME
Increases your magnifying strength  
Comes with Case 

These lenses are ASPHERIC which means that they are crystal clear from the center all the way to the edges. Most lenses, by nature of the law of optics, are clearest when you look through the center of the lens. As you look toward the edges, the lens tends to distort. ASPHERIC lenses are designed so that there is little or no distortion, whether you look toward the left, right, upper or lower edges. This can be helpful in conditions such as macular degeneration.

Available Sample Updatd: 09252019
Free Sample Fee.
Freight fee by FedEx: USD 30
Available Sample Specificiation: +1.00  / +3.00
Paypal : sunmax-glasses@umail.hinet.net
We can surely quote for your before sending samples.