Sunmax Optical Co., Ltd is an eyewear consultant and contract manufacture with 20 years of experiences. Our leading products are
sport sunglasses, industrial safety glasses, extreme ski-goggle, optical eyewear, and Melanin eyewear.
We assist our cusomters with service of original design manufacutres (ODMs) and Original Equipemnt Manufacture (OEMs)

In original Design manufacture, we assist multiple customers with long years of experience and provide a wide ranges of creative market choices. We improve work and communication efficiency, reduce products loss rate, and better rate of logistic flow to ensure the best price for our clients.
We exchange information with customers and manufacturing via email, telephone, skype, line, and whatsapp.

In our original equipment manufacture(OEMs) with Sunmax in the long term experiences, we are one of most freqently sourced
manufacture, and provide with high quality, high coordinate, updated products and equipment to meet the standards of new eyewear and exceed expectations. We expedite customer orders and ensure a smooth transition from placement of order to delivery while avoiding unnecessary inconvenience and complexity of our customers.

Sunmax commits to provide world-class quality with OEMs / ODMs service for our valuable clients. With the most comprehensive customer service,team design and higy manufacture efficnecy, we have confident to achieve the greatness with our cusomters.


Our factory specialized in product injection, for today trend, biodegradable material will be more popular than before. Our factory can product wide arrage of recycle plastic and biodradable plastic.