Len Color Selection

Whenever a skier or a snowboarder wears a ski goggle for the day, the athelet always has a question of what color of Len would work the best for the day to get the best ski experience. We all have the same consideration before taking the rides, and making flipping or conquering a new terrain. As result, Sunman helps customers to develop new Len color and deliver new ski visual experience and to improve user performance for their clients.


Popular Len Colors

There are several popular len color at the marking which are popular.

Blue and Purple Len: Decreases glare, improve express outlines and color insight.


Purple Len Transmittance Test



 Yellow Len : Offers greater clarity in fog and flat-light, high contrast and depth perception by blocking blue light.


Yellow Len Transmittance Test


Pink and Red: Advances depth perception, delivers the finest contrast, reduces eye strain (alters perceived color).


Pink Transmittance Test


Red Pink Cat 1 : Showing High Contrast on Flat Weather

Pink Red Len Transmittance: From the transmittance graph, you can see the the large curve. It helps to improve more contrast 

on the snow.


Brown/Amber/Bronze: Perfect in fluctuating circumstances, improves contrast and depth perception, cuts the haze for crisp vision.


Amber Len Transmittance Test


Gray / Black: Decreases eye exhaustion, offers true color awareness while diminishing glare in bright-light conditions, block the brightest rays.

Smoke Len Transmittance Test


 Len Category

 0  80-100 % None or Very Light Tint  Very low light or night skiing Yes
 1  46-79%  Light Tint  Low light or Flat light or Cloudy days Yes
 2  18-45%  Medium Tint  Productive in average sunlight conditions Yes
 3  8-17%  Dark Tint  Perfect for skiing conditions and provide excellent protection from the non cloud day. Yes
 4  3-8%  Very Dark Tint  Necessary in extremely bright conditions, like hiking high altitudes Yes

Cat 4 Smoke Len Reference Picture


 * Transmittance: Amount of light pass through the len

Question : Would Category 0 proivdes with UV400 protection.

Answer:Yes, clear len still comes wtih UV400 protection.


In conclusion, Sunmax is a company that is willing to take step to explore new possibilities with your ideas and creativity. we always work with clients who has insighful idea regarding to the len color and len function, we always purchase good amount of new raw material to test and explore for you and our clients. Wtih several trial and error, we are always glad that our clients is able to patent it and giving his clients new sport skiing experience.